Simple JSON storage and personalization

Add dynamic content and personalization to your headless or static website, mobile app, IoT device, or anything else!


API First

Try now, no authentication required

Use the snippets below as an example or check out documentation at Add dynamic content to your static site, manage smart home, monitor server room temperatures in hundreds of locations using Raspberry Pi, or simply play with the API - JsonStorage is super simple and scales up to your needs.

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Request JSON (JSFiddle)

GET /v1/json/(userId)/(itemId) Response: 200 OK - Your JSON data returned.
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Create JSON (JSFiddle)

POST /v1/json Response: 201 Created - {"uri" : " v1/json/(userId)/(itemId)"}.
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Update JSON (JSFiddle)

PUT /v1/json/(userId)/(itemId) Server response: 200 OK - Your JSON data returned.

Enrich the experience

Manage and serve personalized content anywhere



Personalize content of your headless or static website by using Rules Engine
Content Management

Content Management

Use the app to easily create and update content.

Feature rich

Exciting platform capabilities

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Works on all devices

Post the data from desktop app, get it from web/mobile app or vice versa.
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Flexible API

All requests support cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).
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Free Tier

Good for any purpose, as long as you dont issue to many requests.
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You can get the data only if you know the ID. All requests are server over SSL.
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No Tracking

The rules are based on real-time request details, we do not store any information.
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Pre-built connectors for modern JS frameworks, such as React, NextJS, Vue.

Step by step

Let’s see how it works


Add the content using API or UI

We support JSON format which is the most suitable and popular.

Configure personalization rules

Setup and reuse intents, fallback content and assign multiple variants.

Add @jsonstorage to your website

Simply install npm package @jsonstorage/personalize-react.

Serve personalized content

The rules allow you to personalize the journey based on query string, headers, location and more.

Built for end users

Easily manage content and collaborate

Get your content personalized in no time by using simple UI app and pre-built connectors for modern JS frameworks, such as React, NextJS, Vue.



Start free, no registration required

Try out the app and API at at no charge. If you like the project and want to support it - please subscribe to a monthly plan below. Contact @jsonstorage if you need help or want to share feedback! Free plans allow up to 500 requests/day.